Our trip to Amsterdam | Days 7 & 8

Getting back to NEMO was the top priority for our last full day in Amsterdam, having had to skip it the day before. It was well worth the wait, and definitely the high point of the day.

Day 7 Highlights:

  • Started the day at the NEMO Science Museum. We all had high hopes and it didn’t disappoint. From the live chain reaction demonstration to all the hands on play and learning, the kids had a blast.

  • Had lunch at an unremarkable pub on our way toward the gallery district.

  • Did entirely too much walking and (attempted) shopping. The kids were done.

  • But not so done that they didn’t want to go back to Vondelpark to play on the jungle playground one more time. You know, priorities and such.

  • Fantastic tapas dinner at Vida near Vondel

Once the kids were down for the night and the suitcases were all packed, I snuck out during the blue hour for a little night shooting…

Our last morning in Amsterdam was far more bitter than sweet, as none of us were ready to go home. We popped into Moak for breakfast before heading to the train station. That train journey would prove the only easy part of our day, as the next 13 hours were filled with more lines, running, delays, and lost luggage than you can shake a wooden clog at.

But all in all, our first trip abroad with the kids went better than expected. They were absolute rockstars with all the airports and flying, and took to the Dutch culture very quickly. I’m pretty sure Emma could have navigated the tram system for us by the time we left. They were as curious as we were, observant, (mostly) respectful, and were more open to trying new foods and experiences than they usually are here at home. We’re already narrowing down our list of places to visit next year.