\10 on 10\ February

10 on 10, cabin style... we were up there to celebrate my husband's birthday, so I thought I'd do a little day in the life of a winter cabin weekend. \1\ Just a wee bit chilly... CabinTripFeb2014-6forMBB

\2\ Pretend menu reading CabinTripFeb2014-18-EditforMBB

\3\ These two are pretty cute CabinTripFeb2014-19-EditforMBB

\4\ Frozen stream CabinTripFeb2014-38forMBB

\5\ Rollin' in the snow CabinTripFeb2014-65forMBB

\6\ While the kids are napping... CabinTripFeb2014-94forMBB

\7\ It was all I could do to not eat these cheeks CabinTripFeb2014-79-EditforMBB

\8\ Dusk CabinTripFeb2014-106forMBB

\9\ Make a wish CabinTripFeb2014-117forMBB

\10\ "Oh Lord Jesus, it's a fire" CabinTripFeb2014-132forMBB

I’m joined in this project by a group of amazing photographers… head on over to Jessica’s blog to see a day in her life, then continue around the circle until you end up back here!