\10 on 10\ January

I'm so happy to be kicking off the year with a new photography project - 10 on 10. On the 10th of every month I'll be sharing 10 photos taken on a single day in the life of our family. This month, I decided to document the day of Jonah's surgery. It was a day I'd been dreading since we first found out he needed surgery, and I figured a little photo therapy would be a nice distraction. \1\ Early - and very cold - drive to Children's Hospital 10on10_January-1forMBB

\2\ Our tiny little patient 10on10_January-9forMBB

\3\ This was the hardest part for me... right before he went back. He was starving and miserable and all I wanted to do was take him and run the other direction. Instead I had to hand him over to strangers and trust he was in good hands. 10on10_January-8forMBB

\4\ Coming out of the anesthesia... the surgery was a success and he did great! 10on10_January-13forMBB

\5\ Tummy full, time to sleep 10on10_January-21forMBB

\6\ Family nap time 10on10_January-20forMBB

\7\ No more hernia 10on10_January-23-EditforMBB

\8\ Hanging with daddy 10on10_January-26forMBB

\9\ Getting back to his smiley self 10on10_January-32forMBB

\10\ I think I needed this as much as he did 10on10_January-51-Edit-2forMBB

I'm joined in this project by a group of amazing photographers... head on over to Catherine's blog to see a day in her life, then continue around the circle until you end up back here!