\10 on 10\ June

A little something different for this month's 10 on 10... a couple of the other working moms in this circle and I made a pact to document a work day in June. I feared it would be super boring, but it ended up feeling very personal because, well, it's my life! /1/ Rise and shine 2014-06-09_0004

/2/ Hang time with my sweet boy2014-06-09_0005

/3/ Wavy gravy 2014-06-09_0006

/4/ And we're off!2014-06-09_0007

/5/ Empty carseats... the saddest part of my day2014-06-09_0008

/6/ Workin' and pumpin'2014-06-09_0009

/7/ Taking my handsome coworker for a walk2014-06-09_0010

/8/ The best rear view2014-06-09_0011

/9/ Nom nom 2014-06-10_0001

/10/ Time to edit... (and yes, I do have freakishly long toes. They're very handy when my arms are full of babies. Evolution for the win!) ;)2014-06-09_0013

I’m joined in this project by a group of amazing photographers… head on over to Jessica's blog to see a day in her life, then continue around the circle until you end up back here!