/10 on 10/ October

We're at the beach this week and this has been one of my favorite days so far... /1/ morning train 2014-10-09_0001

/2/ and she's off2014-10-09_0002

/3/ races2014-10-09_0003

/4/ practicing her "guh-mastics"2014-10-09_0004

/5/ focused2014-10-09_0005

/6/ wedgie2014-10-09_0006

/7/ building Arendelle (of course)2014-10-09_0007

/8/ hide and seek with Nana2014-10-09_0008

/9/ found you!! 2014-10-09_0009

/10/ tickle time2014-10-09_0010

I'm joined in this project by a group of crazy talented photographers. I urge you to click over to Felicia's blog to check out a day in her life.