/10 on 10/ September

Doing something a bit different this month... All of the previous month's I've documented an entire day, so I'm switching it up and documenting a single moment this month. These are from the cabin over Labor Day weekend. Emma had been fishing with her little toy fishing pole for the past year and this trip she was ready to fish for real... I'm so so grateful I had my camera with me as this all unfolded! 2014-09-09_0001 2014-09-09_0002 2014-09-09_0003 2014-09-09_0004 2014-09-09_0005 2014-09-09_0006 2014-09-09_0007 2014-09-09_0008 2014-09-09_0009 2014-09-09_0010

I’m joined in this project by a group of amazing photographers… head on over to Davina’s blog to see a day in her life, then continue around the circle until you end up back here!