a Yudu-tastic birthday

I woke up last Friday the 13th still feeling a little too sleepy to celebrate my birthday, but Jared insisted on giving me by present that morning, and who was I to argue?  I had no idea what he’d gotten me, and had even less of a clue when he began pushing this huge wrapped box into our bedroom.  I began tearing off the paper and saw the ProvoCraft logo… and then Yudu!  Seriously, I have the best husband ever. Did I mention that he intentionally ordered it from Paper Source to make sure I got the $50 PS gift card that comes with it?  Yeah, best husband ever.  :-)

I can’t wait to start using this thing.  Nothing in my house is safe from the impending screen-printing insanity.  Just when I thought I had all my Christmas projects planned out! I already have some printing ideas, but first I have to figure out how to actually use it.  Stay tuned for a review, tips, and hopefully some project pics.