Bakerella's Congo Bars (and why they're worth the blisters)

We got invited over to our next door neighbors' house Friday night for a BBQ, which gave me the excuse I'd been looking for (i.e. desperately hoping for) to make the Congo Bar recipe Bakerella posted last month.

She gave two options for mixing the batter - stand mixer or by hand.  She tried it both ways and said the hand mixing approach turned out better.  I sure hope she's right because by the time I was done mixing the super thick batter I had multiple blisters on my right hand.  But, as the title of this post suggests, the blisters were totally worth the delicious goodness that came out of the oven.

Holy mama!  I promise you, they taste even better than they look.  As Bakerella notes in her post, they took much longer than 30 minutes to cook through... probably more like 40.  But, man oh man were they good.  I'm debating making them again with Rolos.  Aaaaaaaaaand now I'm hungry.