big news...

I mentioned in my last post that life has been a little chaotic lately... well, that's because about 2 and a half months ago Jared and I found out that we're going to have a baby!  :-)  We're feeling extraordinarily blessed, a smidge overwhelmed, and most of all - really excited.

My first trimester was pretty rough in terms of the morning sickness, but by some miracle I still managed to get my Etsy shop launched, finish a scarf, and sew a couple Christmas presents.  (I'm secretly hoping that Jared will develop a strong urge to cut out pattern pieces for me, because my back ain't havin' it much longer.)  Now that I'm in my second trimester I've started getting really excited about all the fun DIY projects we'll be taking on over the next 6 months (Baby S is due June 14th).  I already got a baby knits book and my friend Sarah gave me Handmade Beginnings for my birthday.  We should find out the gender toward the end of January (yes, I'm definitely finding out), and once we know that the nursery, sewing, shopping insanity will commence.  Stay tuned!

PS... I should mention that the above accomplishments (shop, scarf, sewing) would not have been possible without the help and support of my amazing husband.  He was a lifesaver during my first trimester - making me lemonade, eating super bland meatless dinners every night, stepping up around the house because exhausted/nauseous me couldn't get off the couch, generally proving day in and day out that he's going to be an awesome father.  This picture is for him: