my dream photography kit

That's right... 4 weeks into my first ever photography class and I'm already dreaming about all the fancy gear I want. I'm actually really happy that I'm learning on a camera that doesn't have a ton of bells and whistles. It's forcing me to really learn the craft instead of relying on my gear. But I'm guessing when the short days of winter roll around I'm going to be itchin' for a camera with better low light capabilities. Enter my dream/goal camera...

Canon 5D Mark ii

I've debated about whether to upgrade to the 7D (another crop sensor, like I already have) or the 5D which is a full frame, and while I might have some regrets if I only upgrade to the 7D, I know I would never regret getting the 5D. Even if I get really really good at photography someday, I can't outgrow this camera. I might run it into the ground, but I can't outgrow it. Which makes it a very good investment. Right? Right. :)

Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L Zoom Lens

The lens I primarily use now is the 50mm f/1.4 and I LOVE it. I can shoot 90% of what I want to with that lens, but there will be times, especially on vacations, that I'll want a zoom lens - and this is the daddy of all zoom lenses. Okay, I don't know that - I've only been in Manual mode for like 3 weeks. But I do know it takes some amazing photos, and if I ever get another zoom lens, I'm pretty sure this will be it.

Black Rapid Camera Strap

I never thought I could have my mind blown by a camera strap, but that's exactly what happened the first time I saw these bad boys. They screw into the bottom of your camera, and the camera just glides along the strap when you want to take a shot. It looks so comfortable and far easier to work with than the Canon strap I currently have - especially when I'm out and about with Emma and fumbling with the strap can mean she's already run out of the frame by the time I'm ready to take her photo. (I swear, photographing toddlers could have been a challenge on Double Dare... I can't believe people do this professionally!)

Ketti Handbag

Once I have all my gear I'll need something to put it in! Camera bags are notoriously drab, so I was delighted to find these beauties by Ketti Handbags. They look just like oversized handbags on the outside, but inside they're designed to keep your camera and lenses nice and safe. And it's spacious enough to be my purse, camera bag, and diaper bag all in one. I'm just waiting for the exact right design to be released and then I'll pull the trigger.

Well that's it... the camera is definitely my priority in terms of order, with the lens being the last on my list - way down the road. Either way, mama needs a raise! :)