Emma's Christmas Dress

I decided not long after Emma was born that if I get no other sewing done this year, I have to at least make her a Christmas dress. My mom made Christmas dresses for me and my sister when we were little and I was determined to carry on the tradition. And with a week or so to spare, I actually managed to get it done.

I used the Oliver + S Bubble Dress pattern, and added a layer of sheer white fabric to the skirt, and a fabric flower to the bodice (using this tutorial).

The absolute best thing about baby clothes (aside from how stinking cute they are) is that they're usually very easy and quick to make. This was my first experience with an Oliver + S pattern and I found it super easy to follow. Emma's 6 months, almost 18 lbs, and very tall for her age, and the 6-12 month size fit her great, with room to grow.

 My mother in law was sweet enough to get me Little Things to Sew for Christmas, so I'm hoping to get a few more kiddo projects done this year. (Okay, I'm really hoping to get one done, plus this year's Christmas dress. I figure if I set my expectations low enough I won't end up disappointing myself. Right? Right!)