Every Day in June: Part 2

Well, it's almost August, so I figured I should probably finish Part 2 of this Every Day in June business. When I first wrote about this project, I mentioned that it was a HUGE epiphany for me and has impacted my shooting in ways I never expected but am extremely grateful for. At the end of the post I wrote: "So I had the 'how' and the 'why'… now it was time to figure out the 'what.' What did I want my photos to look like, to feel like – both to myself and to other people?" The answer lay in an unexpected place...

I've mentioned on here before how music is a huge part of my life. Give me a song with some guitars, banjo, a little mando, heartfelt and honest lyrics, preferably live, and I'm good. I want a song I connect to - that when I listen to it, I feel something. Music that trades polish and perfection for honesty and emotion. And that's when the lightbulb went off... what I wanted my photos to look like is exactly how the music I love makes me feel.

Once I made that connection, everything started falling into place... my compositions, my use of light, my editing. For the first time in my 2 years of being a photographer, I knew I'd found my style. It was ME, through and through.

I continued to shoot my 5 photos every day, and found myself happier and happier with the photos I was taking...

6.15.14: safe / little charmer / "daddy, play me something on the ti-tar!" / passed out... again / watching George with George 2014-07-29_0001

6.25.14: bed head / stalling getting dressed / chunky legs / pantry peekaboo / trying to flatten them out 2014-07-29_0002

6.26.14: wheeee! / looking for groundhogs / Elmo / But I don't want any of the expensive organic fruit you bought for me! / breaking point2014-06-26_0001

6.27.14: good morning! / these two... / from above / my boys / she sleeps2014-06-27_0001

6.28.14: soccer sit / reflection / a parent's greatest struggle / hanging around / play2014-06-29_0007

6.30.14: mornings are tough / reward / Jonah sandwich / dueling humidifiers / this smile makes any work day disappear2014-06-30_0001

You'd think that I'd be super relieved to be done with this project... shooting for a set of 5 photos every day is definitely tough, but the funny thing was I missed it when it was over. Like, a lot. So I decided to keep going with a 365 project. Our everyday, every day for a whole year. I'd always felt so intimidated by doing a 365... always made excuses why I simply couldn't do it. The primary reason being that I work full time and I feared that weekdays would be super challenging, especially during winter when it's dark before and after school. But I'm throwing caution to the wind and telling myself I can make it work. (<-- someone remind me I said that come January) Heck, I already had June done! What's 11 more months? Ha ha.

I'll be sharing some of my 365 photos here and there on my Facebook page, and at the beginning of every month I'll be posting all the photos from the previous month here on the blog. I'd love to have you follow along!