\Letters to My Children\ March

I’m continuing my “Letters” project this year with a new group of my very dearest photography friends. Each month I’ll write a letter to one of my babies.  This month it’s Jonah’s turn… 2014-03-30_0002

MySweetJonahI can't believe you're already 6 months old! It seems like just yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital, and now you're rolling over, scooting around to get to your toys, and starting solids. We gave you some avocado to try and after the initial excitement wore off, you were pretty skeptical.



Eventually you got on board and have been doing great ever since. And now that you're finally feeling better (begone chronic bronchiolitis!) you're drinking lots and lots of milk and sleeping better at night. You still wake up a little too early for our liking, but we'll work on that. You're so stinking cute, we're always happy to see your face - even at 5am.



We love you so much, buddy, and can't wait to see what the coming months have in store for you. <3 LoveMama


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