Letters to My Daughter: August

dearemma Oh my sweet girl... it's a time of BIG changes in your life and you are handling them all so gracefully. This week starts your first official week in Pre Primary, and despite our fears about new teachers and a new classroom, you've been nothing short of ecstatic for this new adventure.


And last weekend we moved all your old furniture into your brother's nursery and you got your very own big girl bed, which you LOVE. We were worried how you'd react to handing down your furniture, but you simply said, "That's for the baby. I'm a big girl." and that was that. You love sleeping in your new bed and haven't once attempted to leave your room when you were supposed to be sleeping. You haven't even tried to get out of bed! (Knock on wood.) :)


I worry about you a lot because I'm your mom and that's part of my job, but you are showing me every day that you really are a "big girl" now. This was more clear to me than ever when last weekend you saw these gigantic slides at a new park we visited and immediately wanted to go down the tallest one. It had to have been almost 2 stories high, but you marched right up those stairs and proclaimed "wheeeee" all the way down.

August172013-39 Your dad and I really are so proud of the big girl you're becoming, but if you still want to be my baby every now and then I'd be okay with that, too.


I am joined in this “Letters to our Children” blog circle by an amazing group of photographers and moms. Together, we’ll be writing these letters every month in honor of our love for our sons and daughters. I encourage you to head over to my dear friend Kristy’s blog to read her sweet letter to her daughter, Makenna.