Letters to My Daughter: February

LTODfeb2013 dearemma

Oh my little love. You and I sure have been through the ringer the past few days... it's probably the toughest we've had it since you were a newborn, and I think it's safe to say that we both seriously hate potty training. But you, my girl, are doing it and I'm so very proud of you. You got it right away, and now you're struggling a bit with actually wanting to do it. This is totally new and scary and it must feel like all we've talked about for the past 4 days is going on the potty. You want your diaper back. I get it.

I'm sorry that I'm not as patient with all this as I hoped I'd be. I'm sorry that I can't just hold you and make this all better. I'm sorry that Elmo has been exactly zero help. You're working so hard and all I want is to make this easier for you. But in typical Emma fashion, you will insist on doing this your own way and in your own time. It's something that I both admire about you and that really drives me bananas. But I know we'll get through this, you and me. Maybe not tomorrow (though I'd totally be okay with that), maybe not this week (yep, still totally okay with that too), but eventually. I promise.


I am joined in this “Letters to our Children” blog circle by an amazing group of photographers and moms. Together, we’ll be writing these letters every month in honor of our love for our sons and daughters. I encourage you to head over to Allyson's blog to read her letter, and then continue on around the circle!