my life list

This list is something I've wanted to post for a long time now. Inspired by Mighty Girl, I've been slowly creating my own "life list" over the past few months. A life list (to me anyway) is something to strive for... to ensure that I spend my days and years working toward fulfillment rather than a paycheck. I have a job, but like most people that job isn't my passion. My passion is pretty much everything but my job... my family, friends, sewing, creating, music, blogging, food, traveling. All the good stuff that makes life worth living. Another post on life lists mentioned this quote by Thoreau: "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with their song still in them." How's that for a nice, depressing thought? Well, this list is the song in my heart - some parts are silly, some are grand, some make me cry happy tears just thinking about them...

  1. Have another baby
  2. And another
  3. Go back to Thala to renew our vows on our 10 year anniversary
  4. Own more than 20 acres of land and a cabin
  5. Take Jared to see the awesomeness of the Grand Canyon
  6. Have the nice, peaceful waterbirth I'd hoped to have with the first birth
  7. Run the 1/2 marathon in sub 2 hours (current PR is 2:07)
  8. Attend the birth of a grandchild
  9. Learn free-motion quilting
  10. Surprise the kid(s) with a trip to Disney
  11. Go on safari in Africa
  12. Sew a full size quilt
  13. Teach Emma to sew
  14. See Bruce Springsteen in concert
  15. Hike the PCT in its entirety
  16. Ring in the new year in a foreign city
  17. Go to a rodeo
  18. Go horseback riding on the beach
  19. Take my sister and our families for a trip to Ocean Creek in Myrtle Beach to relive the vacations of our youth
  20. Go sea kayaking in Alaska
  21. See a sea otter in its natural habitat
  22. Go on vacation at a dude ranch
  23. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  24. Make my long promised pilgrimage to the Minnesota State Fair
  25. Stay at a hotel with overwater bungalows (such as in Bora Bora)
  26. Keep a daily gratitude journal every day for a year
  27. Sleep in a tree house
  28. Visit all 50 states (38 down, 12 to go!)
  29. Make mozzarella from scratch
  30. Sponsor a woman through Women for Women International
  31. Have an entirely handmade Christmas
  32. Visit Crater Lake
  33. Keep a plant alive for more than 3 months (DONE!)
  34. Get professional pictures taken of our family
  35. Have an entirely "shop local" Christmas
  36. Take a girls-only vacation with my BFF - no kids, no partners, just us and lots of wine and fatty food
  37. Watch Emma eat her first ice cream cone (DONE!)
  38. Host a movie night in our backyard
  39. Dine with a local family in a foreign city
  40. Teach my children how to properly merge when getting on a highway
  41. Write a letter to my 12th grade AP English teacher, thanking her for being one of the best teachers I've ever had
  42. Go to Opening Day at Citizens Bank Park (Go Phillies!)
  43. Have a huge yard sale to purge all the stuff we don't actually use or need
  44. Record the songs we've made up for Emma so she knows how silly we once were
  45. Perfect a homemade ice cream recipe
  46. Make sure my nephew grows up knowing how brave and strong his mama is
  47. Have a truly defined sense of style, both for my self and my home
  48. Grow my hair long again (and NOT chop it off after the birth of baby #2)
  49. Rock my natural hair color (or have it be mostly my natural color) (DONE!)
  50. Rehab a piece of thrift store furniture
  51. Give Rocco one last perfect day before we have to say goodbye
  52. Dance like no one's watching (sober)
  53. Take a photography class (DONE!)
  54. Find my perfect shade of lipstick
  55. Have a never-want-to-leave family room (complete with one of those super deep sectionals)
  56. Anonymously pay the check for a single mom out to eat with her kids
  57. Attend a bloggers conference (BlogHer, AltSummit, etc.)
  58. Get a (very) small tattoo for each of my children
  59. Meet a blogging friend in real life
  60. Tour Amsterdam by bike
  61. Pass my grandmother's diamond on to Emma when she graduates college
  62. Read the Harry Potter books with Emma
  63. Get a photo shoot done with my mom and sister
  64. Be a much better thank you note writer
  65. Go line dancing in Nashville
  66. Do something to be more social in real life, not just online (dinner club, mom's group, etc.)
  67. Sew Emma a Christmas dress every year of her childhood
  68. Make an effort to stop saying "I mean" at the beginning of sentences
  69. Have something handmade in every room of our house
  70. Go to a tree farm to cut down our own Christmas tree
  71. Take the time to give myself regular at-home pedicures
  72. Start once a month "offline Saturdays"
  73. Host my mom for the holidays and give her a break from doing any cooking
  74. Have a girls weekend with my sister filled with all our favorite movies and foods from our childhood
  75. Sit on the front porch with Jared watching our grandkids play in the front yard
  76. Watch all 100 of the AFI 100 best films (IN PROGRESS)

That's it!... for now. As my life changes, I'm sure this list will, too. I'll keep you posted as I start crossing things off!

PS... I highly recommend going through the exercise of writing down a life list. It's been both a joy and a challenge, and I'm so glad I did it.