link love - 10.14.11

Ack! Have I really not posted a Link Love in almost a month?? Whoops. Well, I better get down to it, then! Here's what I've loved this week...

  • From the Treetop - I loooove this idea! Take a picture of your daughter in your wedding dress. Definitely doing this with Emma - after she's potty trained. ;-)
  • DIY Vanilla Extract on Annie's Eats - It wouldn't be a Link Love post without something from Annie! She did it again, this time with a recipe for DIY vanilla extract. I had no idea you could DIY this stuff, but considering how much those tiny bottles cost, it's a huge cost saver to be able to make your own.
  • Spray Painted Baskets on Better Life Bags - I walk by that crazy basket aisle at Michael's all the time, and it never occurred to me to spray paint them to make them all cute and modern! Need to try this next summer (you know, when the rain stops and I can actually spray paint outside.)
That's all from here! I hope everyone has a great weekend! Emma and I heading back to Portland tomorrow to hang with our boys. Yay!