link love - 10.5.12

Hi everyone, and happy Friday! I don't know if it's because the days are shorter now or we've been so busy, but the weeks seem to be flying by lately. I'm off to my cousin's wedding this weekend, and we'll be taking Emma on her first trip to the pumpkin patch. Hopefully Emma loves it as much as we hope she will. She's a gal who likes to get her hands dirty, so we're optimistic that acres of dirt, hay, and pumpkins will be right up her alley.

My free time has been spent immersed in all things photography this week, so I don't have my usual links ready for you. Sorry! But I do want to share some of my favorite photographer discoveries so far... As I try to figure out what my "style" is, I find myself drawn toward lifestyle (as opposed to posed) photographers whose photos capture the simple, every day moments with their kids. After all, that's my personal goal as I work to get better at taking photos of my family life. I hope my children will be able to look back on the photos I took of them growing up and see the story of their childhood... not just the milestones, but the little mundane things, too - the favorite toy, the way their room was, how their hair looked when they woke up from a long nap. These are the things I hope to capture, and these are some people who I think do an exceptional job at it...

I hope you all are as inspired by their photos as I am. Have a great weekend! :)