link love - 2.23.12

Happy Friday! For a 4 day week this sure felt like a long one - lots of working mama internal conflict. Some days I have it all together, and some days I just don't. But - the weekend has finally arrived and I'm looking forward to this one. I'm getting my hair done tomorrow, aaaand I may or may not be going back to my natural color. I'm about 90% committed to doing it. If nothing else I'll get a couple of hours to do nothing but sit in a chair reading magazines while someone makes me pretty, which is a big luxury these days. Sunday I'll be watching the Oscars, and I'm very excited. I always love the Oscars... the dresses, the stars, the movies. Love it all. I even have some fun Oscar-themed food planned. I know, huge dork. Anywho, here's what I loved this week...

  • World Map on Children Inspire Design - I fell instantly in love with these "My Roots Live Here" maps. You can get it as a world map, continent, country, or state and it comes with little heart stickers to place on parent or family hometowns. This would be so sweet for a kid's room.


  • The Adulting blog - Oh my god, I love this blog. It's a hilarious take on what it means to be an adult, and how to do it effectively... I particularly love Step 156: Don't Be a Re-runner.


  • Lemon Cream Scones on One Hungry Mama - Confession: I do not like scones. They're dry and crumbly and every time I eat one I think, "I wish you were a muffin." Stacie at One Hungry Mama agrees with me, but swears these are different. I'm anxious to try them as soon as I can eat dairy again.