the new digs

As promised, here are some photos of our new house in Frederick! The first thing you'll notice is that it's very different from our house in Portland. But in all honesty, there are some up sides to living in beige-ville. First of all, it's so nice being able to check on Emma when she's sleeping without having to navigate around the creaks in our old hardwoods. 100 year old houses are quite charming, but also quite loud. And even though we live in a planned community, the walkability is surprisingly great... there's a pool and tennis courts about 100 yards from our house, and we can walk to the grocery store, liquor store, a fantastic county park, and a really great library. (You know, a little something for us - a little something for the kid.) Plus the library has a little farmer's market in its parking lot on Sundays. So even though we're in the burbs, it could be a whole lot worse. Ha, okay - enough with my cynical attitude. The truth is, it's a really nice house, in a really great neighborhood, and I'm glad we ended up here.

So there you have it... oh! I forgot to add that it's 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms so we have plenty of room for visitors. :-) I'll add more photos as we get the decor nailed down. We're through the big push of unpacking, now we just need a second wind so we can add those little touches that make it feel like home. Maybe by Thanksgiving? You know, no pressure.