January's 12x12

As I mentioned on Friday, I set out this weekend to do another 12x12 challenge (12 photos in 12 hours to capture our day.) These were all taken on what was a pretty typical Sunday for us... eating, playing, swimming, football, bed. (I'm very much looking forward to replacing the 4th thing in a couple of weeks!) ;)

December's 12x12

Happy Friday, everyone! I thought I'd share a little photo project I worked on last month... it's called a 12x12 - 12 photos in 12 hours. It was a little challenging since you're not always in good lighting situations every hour of every day (how nice would that be??), but it ended up being a great way to capture our day as it really was. I liked it so much I'm planning to start doing a monthly 12x12. Even if you're not a photographer, I encourage you to try it. So many of our family photos are taken during events or special occasions... sometimes it's nice to see life as it really is - dirty faces and all. :) For December's 12x12, we were in North Carolina visiting my in-laws...

Okay, so things got a little klugy during naptime so it wasn't exactly a photo each hour, but no photo project is worth disrupting naptime. Aaaand, there's no #12 here because it's a photo of Emma in the bath that, while completely adorable, isn't something I'm comfortable posting for random strangers that might come across my blog. So let's just assume it's the greatest photo ever taken of a baby in the tub, k? :)

Have you done a 12x12? Send me a link in the comments! I'm planning to try the 12x12 again tomorrow to get some practice with my new Sigma 30mm lens and I'd love the extra inspiration.

Have a great weekend!!