a shot for Jen

Jen Burgess Thompson was a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a photographer. She was 37 years old and last Friday she lost her battle with ovarian cancer. I did not know her personally, but I found myself so profoundly moved by her story... and brought to tears at the thought of her husband and two young boys. Jen's message to all of us moms was simple - get in front of the camera with your kids. Too many of us, whether we have a fancy camera or not, are so busy taking photos of all the milestones, all the funny faces, that we forget to get in the frame.

So, Jen... this is for you. It's not perfect, but I love it. And I hope that one day Emma can look back on this photo, and the many more I plan to take with her, and see how much I loved her. Thank you.

To learn more about Jen's story, click here.

Here's a video Jen made with her kids not long after she was diagnosed.

And here are other Shots for Jen, by women who are way better at this than I am.