holy stromboli

We made homemade pizza a few weeks ago and had some leftover dough to use up, so I went on the hunt for a good Stromboli recipe.  Jared had somehow made it through 20+ years in NJ/NY without ever having the deliciousness that is Stromboli. Very strange.  Anyway, I decided to go with this recipe, courtesy of one of my favorite blogs: Serious Eats.  We nixed the peppers, and used salami instead of pepperoni, but OH MY did this thing turn out good.  It was one of those meals that after every bite you feel it necessary to declare how good it tastes, high-fiving one another after every 3rd bite or so for possessing such culinary brilliance.  Honestly, it was that good.

homemade stromboli

We only had ½ the dough required for the recipe, so we made 1 roll instead of 2, and halved all the other ingredients.  1 roll ended up being plenty for 2 people, and I even had a little bit leftover to take for lunch the next day.  I highly recommend trying this out, because it’s really much easier than you’d expect.  Oh, and here’s the pizza dough recipe we used.  Only tip I have is to make your “well” in the flour fairly wide.  We tried a volcano approach and ended up breaching the flour walls, resulting in an oily mess all over our kitchen counter and floor.  The second time around, we made the well about 5 inches in diameter and that worked much better.

Happy eating!