Fluffy White (the best frosting ever)

My mom has been making cakes with this frosting for pretty much my whole life.  For a girl who has a mild addiction to marshmallows, it really doesn't get any better than Betty Crocker's Fluffy White.  It's got a marshmallow fluff flavor but the texture is so light and well, fluffy... more meringue than melted marshmallows.  It's seriously, blissfully good.  But out of nowhere several years ago groceries stores stopped carrying it!  We searched high and low but couldn't find it anywhere.  (This, of course, only added to its appeal.)  So after a couple years of going without it I decided enough was enough, and scoured the internet for a retailer.  Thankfully, Amazon came through for me - the catch: I had to buy a whole case, which I gave to my very excited mother that year for Christmas.  It's is apparently the only way you can get the Fluffy White goodness anymore.  But of all things to have to buy by the case-ful, you could do a lot worse than this frosting.

While I was home for a few days in mid-December, my mom made sure to make our favorite childhood foods, including yellow cake with Fluffy White frosting.  This time, I documented the occasion...

One of the many beautiful things about this frosting is how easy it is to make... all you do is add boiling water to the mix, beat in the mixer, and voila - frosting perfection.

After much beater and spatula licking, it was time to frost the cake.  My mom put a layer of frosting between the cakes, then frosted the whole thing, making vertical stripes along the sides with the frosting spatula.

She topped off the cake with some coconut and raspberries to give it a nice holiday feel...

Dinner was great, but the cake was even better.  Trust me... order a case.  You won't be disappointed.