link love - 4.8.11

TGIF!!!  I'm still not quite sure how I survived this week, but I sure am glad to see it come to an end.  In my flu-y state I didn't keep up with my Google Reader as much as I would have liked, but here are a couple things that caught my eye...

  • Muralette stickers on Project Nursery - Wall decals have become pretty standard nursery fare in recent years, but I've never seen ones like these.  I still can't believe they're decals... simply stunning.

  • Lovemaestore on Etsy - Apparently I was on a bit of a decal kick this week (which is kinda strange since I have no plans to use decals in the baby's nursery.) I completely fell in love with the fabric decals at this shop... especially the Dress Up collection.  They're like awesome paper dolls or Colorforms (remember those?) you can play with on your wall.  Brilliant.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!  :-D