Our trip to Amsterdam | Days 5 & 6

By day 5, the record setting heat wave had us rethinking our plans to ex-patriate… then we went on an awesome bike ride, ate the best apple pie ever, and spent the rest of the day in a beautiful park, swimming, drinking beer, and eating ice cream. Well done, Amsterdam. Well done.

Day 5 Highlights:

  • Carbed up at our neighborhood Bagels & Beans before heading to our bike ride

  • Set off for our countryside bike tour with We Bike Amsterdam. Definitely a highlight of the trip, despite the heat. Our fantastic guide, Leon, led us on a 30km loop from downtown, through North Amsterdam, and around the picturesque Dutch countryside.

  • Stopped at Het Schoolhuis halfway through the ride to hydrate and promptly devour the best dang apple pie I’ve ever tasted.

  • Made it back home sweaty and exhausted, but our apartment was way too warm to spend much time in, so we trekked out to Westerpark at the suggestion of our awesome AirBnB hosts. The kids had a blast swimming in the man-made stream that runs through the park, while Jared and I popped a squat on the shady banks, wishing America did parks the way Amsterdam does parks.

  • Walked over to Brouwerij Troost for dinner and beers. Finally had bitterballen, though it was vegan so I’m not sure that counts.

  • We’d more than earned some ice cream by that point, so we stopped into Ijscuypje for a cold treat before catching the tram back home.

Day 6 Highlights:

  • Visited Rijksmuseum. Beautiful art + air conditioning for the win.

  • Ate lunch on the rooftop of the NEMO Science Museum. The museum was at the top of Emma’s must-do list for Amsterdam, but she got sick during lunch and we had to punt NEMO to the next day.

  • After a bit of rest, Emma was back to normal and we all headed out to the neighborhood fountain again to cool off.

  • Burgers & ice cream for dessert capped off the last day of the heat wave. Hooray!


It's official, our girl LOVES the outdoors. We were up at our friends' cabin in PA for the weekend, and it was all we could do to get Emma to come inside to eat. 2013-06-04_0016

She especially loved her new fishing pole. I figured she'd play with it for 5 minutes and give up when it inevitably wound up in a tangled mess, but I seriously underestimated her. She got it right away - dropping her line in the water then reeling it back in... over and over and over and over again. She must have done that for 45 minutes straight, which is like 5 hours in toddler time.


She also loved playing with her friend, Shane, and their cuteness was off the charts...


It's pretty much guaranteed that if you give Emma a big open space to play, she will run around like a mad woman until she tires out. She loves to say "Goodbye! Adios!!" then run away until we shout "come back!" and she runs at lighting speed back toward us saying "Hello! Hola!" Even better if there's a hill involved.


I knew we had an outdoorsy girl on our hands when not even the cold mucky pond water phased her...

2013-06-04_0020 2013-06-04_0021

She finally started to tucker out our last morning there...


...of course, that was until we stumbled upon this awesome roadside playground on the way home. :)


I'll be honest... being pregnant at the cabin in 90 degree heat is no picnic, but seeing how much fun our little girl was having made it all worth it, and I can't wait to get back there next month.