Weekend Update | Vol. 19

LIFE... After one of the hardest weeks of our lives, we tried our best to keep busy this weekend with lots of yard work, good food, and streaming comedy specials. Because when all else fails, Louis C.K. always makes it better.

ALLIE... Got 5 pints of Salt & Straw for Mother's Day. What more could a girl ask for?

JARED... Finally got to start on the garden boxes he's been wanting to build ever since we left Portland. 

EMMA... Only a month and a half left of age 4, guys. So close. Soooo close. Age 5 is when the listening ears finally get turned on and she's her amazing sweet self the vast majority of the time, right? Just let me dream for a little while longer. ;)

JONAH... Took both naps in his OWN bed this weekend. It's a miracle!



Jared: C'mon Emma. It's Mother's Day.
Emma: Yeah, but it's also Children's Day.
Jared: No. Children's Day is EVERY other day of the year. Today is just for mama.
Emma: I wish it was my birthday.

Allie: What does mama do better than daddy?
Jonah: CLEAN!

Jared: You're supposed to feel better after working out, but I'm just filled with regret for not laying in bed for another 20 minutes.