Weekend Update | Vol. 31

LIFE... Keeping it short and sweet again this week because life is about to get crazy and I'm trying to give myself a little calm before the storm. It was another great summer weekend, made even better by a visit from Jared's parents. The kids had a blast playing with their Grandma and Pop-Pop, and I got to sneak off to a bridal shower for the fiance of a dear friend from high school.



Jared: Okay... I guess I'll only have two pancakes.
Allie: Thank you for your sacrifice.

Emma: Mom, will you play that Barry Sanders music again?
Allie: Barry Sanders? Do you mean Bernie Sanders?
Emma: Yeah, Bernie Sanders.
Allie: He doesn't sing songs. You mean like a speech? You want to watch a Bernie Sanders speech when we get home?
Emma: Nooo. Music! You played something the other day by Bernie Sanders.
Allie: ...
Allie: Do you mean Laurie Berkner???
Emma: Oh, yeah!!!

Jonah: Can I bring a toy up from downstairs when we get home?
Allie: I don't think so, buddy. You already have a lot of toys in your playroom to choose from.
Jonah: But I want something!!!
Allie: What is it that you want?
Jonah: Something! Something that's on something!
Allie: (intense, toddler-induced eye rolling)

Jared: Jonah, quit it with the monkey feet already.
Jonah: Monkey feet? What are monkey feet??
Jared: Ask your mother.