/10 on 10: 2015/ January

I'm thrilled to be back with the latest installment of 10 on 10! This has grown into one of my favorite projects and I'm teaming up with a truly awesome group of photographers on it this year. After you check out my 10, head on over to Christine's blog to see her 10! /1/ peek-a-boo barn 2015-01-08_0001

/2/ lines 2015-01-08_0002

/3/ hanging at the art wall2015-01-08_0003

/4/ sidle up2015-01-08_0004

/5/ snack2015-01-08_0005

/6/ well maybe if you hadn't dumped the bowl out on your head...2015-01-08_0006

/7/ more please!2015-01-08_0007

/8/ Freeze!2015-01-08_0008

/9/ two can play at this game2015-01-08_0009

/10/ old and new feet2015-01-08_0010