11 things

1) I've seen What a Girl Wants approximately 47 times. It sucks me in and I can't turn away. I'm not proud. 2) For a long time, my bucket list included singing "Here's a Quarter Call Someone Who Cares" by Travis Tritt at karaoke.  I did. About 20 seconds in, someone shouted "You suck!" I replied, "I know" and kept going. Here's proof:

3) Jared's out of town for work until tomorrow night. Since he left this morning I finished off a pint of ice cream and had a brief cry. Not at the same time.

4) I laugh at Emma's mullet at least once a day.

5) Love Actually is one of my favorite movies ever, but I always have to fast forward through the part where Laura Linney takes call after call from her brother instead of banging hot Carl. I thought once I watched it enough times it would get less uncomfortable... nope.

6) I lost 20 pounds within a couple weeks of giving birth, but it's becoming quite clear that these last 13 pounds of baby weight are going to be a real beast to get off. Sad.

7) Perhaps I should have eaten less ice cream during my pregnancy.

8 ) Perhaps I should eat less ice cream now.

9) I love ice cream.

10) I start to miss Emma when she's been asleep too long. Unless I'm also asleep.

11) I'm contemplating cutting my hair. Or maybe just taking a shower.