link love - 7.30.11

Man, the weeks this summer are really flying by. Emma's already 6 weeks old. Craziness. Here's what caught my eye this week...

  • Caramel Topped Shortbread Bites on Doughmesstic - I'll try pretty much anything that involved salted caramel.  It's quickly moving up on my list of favorite foods.  So when I saw this recipe on Pinterest, I was sold.  I'll definitely be making these puppies soon.
  • Kid's artwork keepsake book on Kaye Winiecki Designs - I inherited my mother's lack of sentimentality, whereas my husband has the ticket stub for every show he's ever been to. This genius book idea will be a great compromise for us when it comes to preserving our little one's masterpieces. Simply take a photo of your kid's artwork and put them together in a photo book.  All the sentimentality but none of the clutter!
  • Photo Display on Be Different... Act Normal - How great is this? I love the idea of doing this for a big birthday like 30 or 50, but it would also be cool for a wedding (using the initials of the couple's first names) or a little kid's birthday (1, 2, or even the kid's initials).