/Letters to My Children/ November

2014-12-01_0008 MySweetJonah

Oh, my little guy. What a couple months you've had since turning 1! You got your tubes in, your hearing vastly improved, and you decided you were done with this whole easy going, unflappable baby business. You are still the happiest, smiley little guy, but man - when you want something, you REALLY want it and you get quite frustrated when you don't get your way. In other words, you're a toddler now! I wasn't quite ready for that development, but along with the emotional roller coaster has come some pretty awesome stuff... like talking and walking! You took your first steps around 13 months, and have slowly but surely getting that whole balance thing down. Every day you walk out a little further, and your confident cruising has all but replaced crawling.


You have also become quite the little climber! We can't seem to keep you off the furniture, and while this makes me and Daddy pretty nervous, you're always so careful getting up and coming down.

2014-12-01_0009 2014-12-01_0011 2014-12-01_0012

I think my favorite thing about you at this age is how silly and playful you are. You love playing with your sister (even when she smothers you) and we're already getting glimpses of the trouble you two are going to get into when you get a little older. You still love playing peek-a-boo, and have found a new love in taking things apart while making as much noise as possible.


2014-12-01_0003 2014-12-01_0006

From toddler to teenager, and even when you're old like me and Daddy, we'll always love you no matter what. But, you know, if you could slow down time between now and then, that would be super. :)


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