/Letters to My Children 2015/ September

Dear Jonah,

In 2 more days you will be TWO years old! And what a difference a year makes... you went from bald crawling baby to a walking talking little boy. Full of energy, curiosity, sweetness and stubbornness. At some point this year you discovered that if you're going to have a mischievous streak, it's quite helpful to also be very charming. We both know that sweet smile of yours makes it awfully hard to stay mad at you.

This year also brought some big changes... right after your 1st birthday, we moved into our new house. And just last month you started Montessori preschool. It's been a tough transition at times, but your teachers adore you and you love having Emma right across the hall. The teachers asked me if you guys ever fight because you seem to have such a strong and loving bond. I had to laugh at that one. While the strong and loving bond part is certainly true, you definitely know how to push each others' buttons. But I promise you no one will be there for you like your sister, and vice versa. I'm excited to see how your relationship continues to grow as you get older and can do more things together... you want nothing more right now than to be able to keep up with your big sister!

Daddy and I love you like crazy and feel pretty darn lucky we get to be your parents... we can't wait to see what the next year brings for you! Here's to another year of adventure, snuggles, and endless smiles.



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/Letters to My Children 2015/ August


Dear Emma,

Summer break with you sure flew by this year! Even though it's only 2 weeks, we always pack so much fun into that short time together. From the backyard to the creamery and many adventures in between, we spent our days being silly and carefree. I think my favorite day was when you and Jonah turned a simple art project into a full on body painting extravaganza. I hope I never forget the sound of your laughter as I hosed you off afterward. :)


As you head back to school this week, I want you to know how very proud of you I am. You have one of the kindest, most thoughtful hearts I've ever known, and that's no more apparent than in your love for Jonah. It's his first week at your school, and while you're very excited that he's finally in the same school as you, he's naturally having a lot of anxiety as he adjusts to new people and new routines. I can't even tell you how proud it made me to hear from his teacher that you went over to his room yesterday to help him feel better, and that his special treat after nap was to go see his big sister. It was your first day back, too, and you had every right to want to spend it playing with your friends. But instead you were there for your little brother when he needed you. That's a big job you took on, and you did it with the grace and generosity of someone well beyond your 4 years. They say our children are our greatest teachers, and you my girl make me certain that's true.




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/Letters to My Children 2015/ July


Dear Jonah,

If you have a season, it is most certainly Summer. You have been living it up the past couple of months, taking in all that Summer has to offer. We kicked off July at the cabin, where you loved playing in the water, palling around with your big sister, and generally being a messy, adventurous boy.


Summer wouldn't be summer without lots of water play, and you are definitely a water baby. You and Emma love when we chase you around the backyard squirting you with the hose. It's in those laughter-filled moments that time seems to stop and the afternoons feel like they could go on forever. But looking at these photos of you, I know time is moving way faster than I'd like. You're far more boy than baby these days and I'm coming around to being okay with that. Slowly.   


Summer coming to an end means big changes for you... the biggest being that you're starting at your sister's Montessori school. I'm both excited and nervous for you. I know you'll thrive in that school, but I also know you'll be confused at first and missing your beloved daycare provider. It'll be hard on all of us, but I promise to be there with extra uppies and snuggles when you need them. And when all else fails, we just may have to bring in the big guns - a vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles. :)

Love you, buddy...


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/Letters to My Children 2015/ June

2015-06-24_0001 Dear Emma,

Happy 4th Birthday, my sweet girl. People have been assuming you're 5 for a while now, so it's about time you finally turned 4! That assumption mostly comes from the fact that you're so tall for your age (91st percentile!), but also from your independence and maturity. It's been awesome to watch you blossom into this sweet, thoughtful, silly, creative little girl over the past year. It's like we can see the older you taking shape right before our eyes.

2015-06-24_0002 2015-06-24_0003

Don't get me wrong - you still have your toddler moments! Those moments can serve as (sometimes much needed) reminders that you've only just turned 4... there's so much you're still figuring out. You're just starting to navigate the social world - discovering both the joys and challenges of friendships. You've been asking hard questions about love, death, and what things mean. Daddy and I aren't always ready to tackle these topics, but we always try to answer you with respect, empathy, and honesty.

2015-06-24_0004 2015-06-24_0005

For your birthday this year, it felt like we celebrated all week long! We kicked things off with a princess party at the Little Gym where you celebrated with all your school friends. From the games to the Disney tunes to the Rapunzel cupcakes, you had a blast. After that, we headed home where our family was waiting to keep the celebration going. Your favorite gifts were your princess dresses and a book of Disney bedtime stories.2015-06-24_0006 2015-06-24_0007

For your actual birthday, I took the day off of work so we could hang out. It started with you finally getting your big present from me and Daddy - a new dress up cart! We built it from scratch just for you, and I even spray painted knobs bright pink for you to hang your bracelets and necklaces. If someone had told me when you were a baby that 4 short years later I'd be immersed in all things princess I would have told them they were crazy. But what can I say? It makes you so happy, and I'm learning to embrace the fact that our house is permanently covered in glitter.


Before meeting up with Nana, we stopped at the Frederick Rescue Mission to drop off the Backpack Drive donations you collected at your birthday party. Daddy and I were so very proud of you for thinking of others on your big day. One of the things that makes you so unique and wonderful is how innately thoughtful you are. You are always thinking of others' needs and feelings, even if it's something small like sharing with Jonah or bringing me an ice pack if I stub my toe. Daddy and I are hoping to teach you different ways you can use that gift to help others, because the world so desperately needs more people like you. 2015-06-24_0008

After that, we met up with Nana at Build A Bear where you - of course - built an Elsa bear. It even sings "Let It Go" which Daddy and I are super thrilled about. ;) We capped off the day with a family dinner at your favorite restaurant, Cafe Bueno. All in all, a perfect day and a great way to kick off age 4. As much as you want to skip ahead to being 5 like your older friends, I know this year will be filled with wonderful discoveries, important lessons learned, and happy, carefree times with family and friends.



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/Letters to My Children 2015/ May

2015-05-24_0001 Dear Jonah,

Oh my guy... you must be the cutest, sweetest little wrecking ball that ever was. If it can be dumped out, poured out, crushed, mashed, or deconstructed in any way, you'll find a way to do it - with a huge smile on your face, of course.


Eating with you lately is particularly entertaining. You've become very opinionated about what you want, and even more so about what you don't want. Meals are a contact sport full of charm, equal parts laughing and yelling, and big messes.




But for all your Bam Bam ways, you still melt my heart every single day with that sweet smile, your huge hugs, and fierce love. You are adamant about the family all being together, Rocco included. If someone's not there, you say their name Stanley Kowalski-style until they appear (or you get distracted by food). Emma has become your partner in crime, your biggest annoyance, and very best friend. And Daddy? Daddy's your superhero, rockstar, apple of your eye, center of your universe, best dad in the history of all dads. There is no one on the planet you adore more than him, and getting to watch you two together is one of the great joys of my life.




Here's to a summer filled with grand adventures, long weekends, less Super Glue, more patience all around, and lots of snuggles and sloppy kisses. I love you to pieces and pieces and pieces, my JoJo.



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/Letters to My Children 2015/ April

2015-04-24_0001 Dear Emma,

My darling girl... my almost 4 year old. What a joy it is to be your mama. I get a front row seat to the sweet, hilarious, fierce, thoughtful, creative wonder that is YOU. Spring has brought on a new, more mature phase for you... morning goodbyes at school are easier, you're taking on new responsibilities, and you've become so observant and curious about the world and people around you. We even have a special time before bed dedicated to you asking me whatever questions you want. Which always leads to more questions, and more questions after that. I think you'd stay up all night asking me questions if you could.



Your obsession with all things princess continues to intensify, and I'm slowly coming around to being okay with it. I always try to remind you that what makes the princesses we learn about most special is how kind, brave, and caring they are - not how pretty they are or how fancy their outfits may be. I don't know how much of that is sticking, but a mama's gotta try.


More than anything, what's best about this phase is how incredibly sweet you are with your brother and what an awesome big sister you're becoming. You've always been a great big sister, but now that Jonah is bigger and you can really play together it's clear what an important role you're going to play in each other's lives. You are so quick to show him things, share your food and toys, and comfort him when he's sad. He's still learning and not always the best at reciprocating your desire to share, but you're pretty understanding.





Nearly every night at bedtime, you say goodnight to Jonah by singing a song you learned from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. You just randomly started singing it to him a few months ago and we had no idea that you even knew the words, but it was pretty much the sweetest thing we'd ever heard. It goes:

"The moment I first held you, you seemed to me / The most wonderful gift to our family / Goodnight, sleep tight / Dream dreams as sweet as you"

Emma's goodnight song for Jonah from Allison Shellaway on Vimeo.

He'll learn to love it. ;)

We love you so much, my sweet girl, and are always so proud to be your parents.



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/Letters to My Children/ March 2015

2015-03-24_0001 Dear Jonah,

What an awesome couple of months it's been since I last wrote to you! You are becoming a little boy right before our eyes, cute as can be and keeping us on our toes. You are eating constantly and have recently discovered how to get into the pantry. We have to be super diligent about putting the child lock on so as not to find you arm deep in a container of puffs and about to move on to the raisins. (Not that that happened or anything.)


Your curiosity knows no limits these days, and you're rapidly discovering all the new places you can reach, things you can turn on and off, doors you can open and close. Daddy and I are trying to pacify this desire by putting more Jonah-friendly things within reach, but that stuff is apparently quite boring compared to everything else just out of reach.


What I love most about this stage with you is how much you're talking and how excited you get when you can say a new word. You've put a great priority on learning all the food words (shocker), but you've also started saying "love you!" which is the best thing ever to hear at the end of a long work day. Just this week you finally got a handle on "Emma" (you used to call her Mama, which was rather confusing for all of us), and have been saying her name constantly for the past several days. You two have your sibling moments, but I know she so loves hearing you saying her name and asking for her.


When all is said and done - or eaten in your case - you're still our ever sweet little Jo... a snuggle bug who gives the best sloppy kisses and has one of the world's truly great smiles. We love you so much and can't wait to see what the next couple of months have in store for you.






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/Letters to My Children/ February 2015

2015-02-27_0001 Dear Emma,

I've been so drawn to taking portraits of you lately... You're growing into your personality more every day and I so love capturing all the many sides of you. You're oh so silly, and astoundingly smart, and most of all incredibly sweet and thoughtful. You're also emerging as a bit of an introvert, which isn't surprising since you hail from a looooong line of introverts. We're working on helping you be more social around people you don't know, but daddy and I are so proud of your maturity and independence. Even when you're in a new situation where you don't know the other kids, you happily find your own way.

2015-02-27_0003In school news, you've been making awesome progress with your moveable alphabet, and just this week started writing words! With no help from me, you sounded out and spelled "hat" all by yourself. You were so proud and excited. "Mama! I spelled a real word!!"  It's like it all clicked for you and after that you wanted to write every three letter word you know. Dad, cat, bat... You were on fire and it was truly awesome to watch. Not too shabby for three and a half. (Thanks, Montessori!)

2015-02-27_0005We love you so much, bubba, and are so proud to be your parents. 



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/Letters to My Children/ January 2015

2015-01-31_0001 My sweet Jonah,

What a wild ride this month has been with you! Injuries, illnesses, and your newfound desire to get into everything that isn't nailed down. There's no taking our eyes off of you right now, that's for sure. But for as mischievous as you've become, you're also getting sweeter - and smarter - by the day. You're at this awesome stage right now where every day you have a new word or a new trick and everything is starting to come together for you. As a parent, it's a pretty incredible thing to witness. I can see the baby in you diminishing by the day, so I'm trying to enjoy every single  "wovey," "nnnack!," "tank you," and "buppy." I know all too soon they'll turn into "lovey," "snack," "thank you," and "up" and that bittersweet feeling of my baby turning into a toddler will wash over me. Not too fast, my sweet boy... not too fast.



2015-01-31_0002 2015-01-31_0003 2015-01-31_0004 2015-01-31_0005

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/Letters to My Children/ December

Dear Emma and Jonah, What a fun-filled month we've had! Christmas prep, Mommy & Me Princess Tea Party, cookie making... all capped off with an awesome Christmas. I saw something a few weeks ago that said people always say the best feeling in the world is being a little kid at Christmas, but really the best feeling in the world is being the parent of a little kid at Christmas, and that couldn't be more true. Getting to experience the holidays through your eyes and seeing you love our family traditions as much as Daddy and I do filled me with more joy than I can adequately describe.

We kicked off Christmas Eve morning with a new tradition - Christmas donuts! Emma, you of course had your usual pink frosted with rainbow sprinkles, and Jonah had fruit because donuts don't exactly make for healthy baby food... so maybe one of those traditions that was better in theory. ;)


Next we had our annual bowling trip, and everyone had a great time. Jonah, you weren't quite big enough to roll the balls but you had a blast running around the bowling alley while Daddy and I chased after you to ensure you didn't stick carpet food in your mouth. 2014-12-28_0002

The next morning it was time for the Big Show! Emma, you were so excited to see that Santa and his reindeer had eaten your cookies and carrots and even left you a little thank you note. Jonah, in true fashion, you were far more concerned with your blueberries than with opening presents but eventually got on board. 2014-12-28_0003 2014-12-28_0004 2014-12-28_0005

After a great morning just the 4 of us, it was time to head off to the grandparents' houses! First up was Papa's house, where you guys loved his train and got even more wonderful new toys.2014-12-28_0006

Then we went to Nana's for more Christmas fun and the final batch of presents! We had a wonderful dinner together followed by some super yummy cake. 2014-12-28_0007 2014-12-28_0008

The next day was of course spent playing with your new toys. Emma, you started to get the hang of your new big girl bike and continued your obsession with the Jack-in-the-box, while Jonah strutted around the neighborhood in his baby Carhartts.2014-12-28_0009 2014-12-28_0010 2014-12-28_0011

All-in-all it was another great Christmas, the best part of which was spending time together as a family... without a doubt the greatest gift of all.




/Letters to My Children/ November

2014-12-01_0008 MySweetJonah

Oh, my little guy. What a couple months you've had since turning 1! You got your tubes in, your hearing vastly improved, and you decided you were done with this whole easy going, unflappable baby business. You are still the happiest, smiley little guy, but man - when you want something, you REALLY want it and you get quite frustrated when you don't get your way. In other words, you're a toddler now! I wasn't quite ready for that development, but along with the emotional roller coaster has come some pretty awesome stuff... like talking and walking! You took your first steps around 13 months, and have slowly but surely getting that whole balance thing down. Every day you walk out a little further, and your confident cruising has all but replaced crawling.


You have also become quite the little climber! We can't seem to keep you off the furniture, and while this makes me and Daddy pretty nervous, you're always so careful getting up and coming down.

2014-12-01_0009 2014-12-01_0011 2014-12-01_0012

I think my favorite thing about you at this age is how silly and playful you are. You love playing with your sister (even when she smothers you) and we're already getting glimpses of the trouble you two are going to get into when you get a little older. You still love playing peek-a-boo, and have found a new love in taking things apart while making as much noise as possible.


2014-12-01_0003 2014-12-01_0006

From toddler to teenager, and even when you're old like me and Daddy, we'll always love you no matter what. But, you know, if you could slow down time between now and then, that would be super. :)


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/Letters to My Children/ October

dearemma Whew! What a month October was for us! We usually try to avoid throwing a ton of change at you all at once, but this month it was pretty unavoidable. We kicked off the month by moving into our new house, and while Daddy and I were super worried about how you'd react to the move, you handled everything with patience and understanding well beyond your 3 years. You really seem to love the new house, having more space, and you especially love having a playroom.


Only a few days after moving, we left for our long awaited beach vacation. You were SO excited to spend a whole week at the beach and couldn't wait to dig your toes into the sand. We ate lots of Kohr's ice cream and we even bought you your very own kite. You loved running with Daddy to get it up in the air, then you'd take over the string and fly it all by yourself!


You and Zachary ran each other ragged each day, laughing one minute and bickering the next (like typical toddlers!) And you got lots of special time with Nana and Grandpa Ed.2014-11-03_0003 2014-11-03_0004 2014-11-03_0005

I'll never forget you feeding the seagulls on one of our last days there. You were completely fearless, holding up the bread and letting them snatch it out of your hand. You were in heaven and could have spent all afternoon running around feeding those birds.2014-11-03_0006


Not long after we got home from the beach, you had a school closure and we got to spend a special day just the two of us. While it's often hard for me to manage work and play on those days, I always look forward to them because spending time with you is one of my all time favorite things to do!


We finally trekked out to the pumpkin patch at Gaver Farm, and you had a blast. I think you tried every single activity they had, but your favorite was the cow train. (Which of course I didn't get a picture of!) You also had a school field trip to Mayne's and got to pick out even more pumpkins. It was so fun getting to see you with all your little school friends. 2014-11-03_0010 2014-11-03_0011

Lastly, the day you'd been waiting for most of all - HALLOWEEN! There is no article of clothing you've been more excited to wear than your Rapunzel dress. (Even now that Halloween is over you like to go into your closet and touch it, and your whole face lights up!) You looked perfect, and having Jonah as your Pascal made it even more fantastic. Once it was time for trick-or-treating you were super shy at first, but after a few houses you really got the hang of it and were running up ringing doorbells all by yourself. We were very proud of you, and it was impossible not to stand back and feel like you were growing up right before our eyes.2014-11-03_0012

It was a month for the record books, my little love, filled with memories that I hope will last a lifetime. <3


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/Letters to My Children/ September

2014-09-24_0001 MySweetJonah

I really can't believe it, but tomorrow you will be ONE. Holy moly. Where did this past year go? It has been remarkable to watch you grow from this teeny tiny squish into a sweet, boisterous little boy.


Over the past few months your personality has really started to emerge and while I know I'm completely biased, you are one awesome kid. You are so stinkin' sweet and funny and curious. You love nothing more than air drumming along to anything that even remotely sounds like music. I don't know if you're going to grow up to play an instrument, but you certainly love music - and that's something your dad and I hope never changes.


You also love making a big ol' mess. Whether it's taking all the toys off the shelves or trying to get into Rocco's food and water, it seems every time I turn around you're surrounded by a mess - looking up at me and smiling big as can be. It's a good thing you're so cute!

2014-09-24_0005 2014-09-24_0007


I'm so honored to get this front row seat to your childhood... it's pretty clear to everyone who meets you that you're a special little guy. And while this milestone is a bit bittersweet for your sappy mama, it's exciting to think about all the things this next year has in store for you. Walking, talking, climbing, chasing your sister around, and charming everyone with those huge blue eyes.



You light up my life, little boy of mine, and I feel blessed beyond belief that I get to be your mama - on your birthday and every day.


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\Letters to My Children\ August

dearemma What a month this was for us... you had your mini summer break from school, which meant you were home with me for two whole weeks. I had to work some of the days, which we both thought was a bummer, but the other days were jam packed with fun. We made new friends, had naughty treats, and went on lots of adventures... long walks to the park, laughing at Mary Poppins, jumping into the pit at gymnastics open gym, new books from the library,  walking Rocco, exploring Fountain Rock, a playdate at Lilypons with Christopher, and that was just the first week! 2014-08-28_0001


2014-08-28_0005 2014-08-28_0006



You even helped nurse me back to health when I came down with a bad stomach bug.


Our second week at home brought more new adventures. I worked for the first couple of days, but then I was off for the whole rest of the week! Our first adventure was to Glen Echo park for a puppet show (which you loved) and more playing in the park. Nana and I were so excited to take you there because her parents took HER there when she was a little girl, and my parents took ME there when I was was a little girl. It was so special to see it new again through your eyes.

(This is your "I was super excited to go on this ride but now I'm actually on it and will remain expressionless until it ends" face. Any type of ride, it never fails. Daddy and I love it.)


The next day it was back to our house for some pool time. We're all going to miss the nice pools here once we move, so it was nice to get to go a few more times before summer ends.


For our last (week)day of summer break we went to Catoctin Zoo and you looooved it. You sang "We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo. How about you, you, you..." all the way there, and ran from habitat to habitat remarking on all the animals. You especially loved feeding the deer and llamas.




After the zoo we went to the Roads and Rails museum and you had so much fun pushing all the buttons to make the trains go.


Our two weeks flew by, and even though we were both pretty tired and ready to get back to our normal routines, it was still bittersweet to have it come to an end. We so rarely get time just the two of us anymore. I obviously love Jonah to pieces, as do you, and there's nothing I enjoy more than hanging out as a family - but to have time where it could just be us, going on new adventures, laughing, snuggling, not having to ask you to wait while I finish nursing Jonah, not feeling like I'm being pulled in a million directions and unable to give you as much attention as I'd like. Well, it was pretty darn glorious for both of us.

But all good things must come to an end... Monday I got back to work, and you started Primary. Seeing how big you looked on that first day of school made me even more grateful for those two weeks together, when it felt like - ever so briefly - time slowed down a little.


I love you, my darling girl. Only 360-something days until next summer break.


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\Letters to My Children\ July

2014-07-27_0005 MySweetJonah

You, my little one, have been on a huge development streak since my last letter to you! It seems like every day you're doing something you couldn't do the day before. Your cautious army crawl has been replaced by standing, cruising, and getting into EVERYTHING. Your absolute favorite thing in the world is to make your way over to Emma's kitchen and enthusiastically toss all of its contents onto the floor. Sometimes you make a loud bang when you drop the pots and pans and you look over at me to see my reaction and give me the silliest grin - it's impossible to be mad at you!

Your other favorite toys are your music table and this little pop up toy that frustrates you to no end, but you love it anyway. We're anxiously awaiting the moment you figure out how to make the little guys pop up on your own.


You've been pulling yourself up for a while now but you only recently figured out how to get back down. And it's the funniest thing - you basically do triangle pose until you get one hand fully on the floor, then you pivot around and down into crawling position. Our little yogi!


One thing that hasn't changed is how well you and Emma get along. She's always so thoughtful where you're concerned, and you just adore her and so desperately want to be able to do everything she does. You'll get there sooner than you know, buddy. I promise.


Watching you two together makes my heart so happy, and while I know it won't always be this way, I sure hope the fierce love you have for one another never fades.


The next time I write to you, you'll be turning 1. That gives me two more months to come to terms with the reality that you're not going to be my little baby forever. Oh, who am I kidding. I'm certainly not one to quote Mariah Carey, but you'll ALWAYS be my baby. ;)


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\Letters to My Children\ June

I’m continuing my “Letters” project this year with a new group of my very dearest photography friends. Each month I’ll write a letter to one of my babies.  This month it’s Emma’s turn… dearemma

This month we celebrated your 3rd birthday! It feels like just yesterday you were a fussy, wriggly little thing, and now you're THREE.


We kicked off your birthday festivities by skipping school and heading to the zoo with Nana. You were so excited to see all the animals, and despite it being ungodly hot out, you had a blast. You were so curious about all the animals and got such a thrill every time you found one hiding in its habitat. We ended the afternoon with ice cream (of course), and you were asleep in the car before we even turned onto Connecticut Avenue.

That night we met daddy at Cafe Bueno ("the quesadilla restaurant") so you could get your favorite dinner, followed by the homemade peach cupcakes you requested.

The Saturday after your birthday we had a small get together so close friends and family could celebrate your big day. It was a wee bit overwhelming for you to open all your presents, but worth it in the end when you opened your big present from me and daddy - your new dollhouse! It was actually my and Titi's dollhouse when we were little girls and I renovated it to make it a little less, well retro-tastic. I know you don't exactly have a taste preference when it comes to design (yet!) but I figured tan floral wallpaper and green shag carpeting weren't your thing.

Overall, it was a wonderful few days of celebrating our beloved little you, and Daddy and I are so excited to see what this coming year has in store for you - our sweet, silly, brilliant, thoughtful, fiercely independent, always-moving Emma.







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\Letters to my Children\ May

I’m continuing my “Letters” project this year with a group of my very dearest photography friends. Each month I’ll write a letter to one of my babies.  This month it’s Jonah’s turn… MySweetJonah

We went to the cabin for Memorial Day weekend and, considering the last time you were there you were in bronchiolitis/teething misery, it's safe to say you had a much better cabin trip this time. It was your first tenting experience, and you weren't thrilled with that part. It was a wee bit cold at night and not even double PJs and your fancy sleeping bag sleep sack seemed to keep you warm enough. Bad mama.


Okay, so other than freezing your cute little tushie off, you had a great time. You had lots of hang time with Daddy, got to crawl around next to the pond, and had lots of fun goofing around with your Uncle Dave.



Before I know it you'll be chasing after the older kids, casting your own fishing pole, and swimming in the dam no matter how ridiculously cold the stream is... so I'm trying to savor this time when you still want to be close to me, hanging in the Ergo, or smiling up at me from your blue blanket.


When Monday morning rolled around, you were ready to hit the road. Exhausted from a great weekend, you fell asleep before we even got in the car.


Sweet dreams of many years of happy cabin weekends to come, my beautiful boy.


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\Letters to my Children\ April

I’m continuing my “Letters” project this year with a new group of my very dearest photography friends. Each month I’ll write a letter to one of my babies.  This month it’s Emma’s turn… dearemma


We had Spring Break this month, which meant we had a whole week to hang out and do fun stuff. We started by making homemade moon sand. It was too cold to play with it outside, and I'd already gotten you excited about it, so I braced myself for a mess and let you have at it. My instructions to "make sure it stays inside the bin" apparently fell on deaf ears, but you had a blast and that's all that matters. :)

2014-04-24_0002 2014-04-24_0003

Next up we painted your toenails! You love having me paint your toes and you even got to pick out a special color at Target ("the red store"). You, of course, picked your favorite color - purple.


The next morning you let me do your hair in special braids and you looked like SUCH a big girl. No more braids for a while because mama can't handle how grown up they make you look.


Then it was off to Green Meadows, the local petting farm and one of your all time favorite places to visit. You know all the animals and especially love feeding the goats. That particular afternoon they even had an easter egg hunt! You were very excited to pick out your eggs, but weren't such a fan of the costumed Easter Bunny they had strolling around. People in big furry costumes aren't your thing.


I think your favorite part of the week was going to our dear friend Leslie's farm in Central Virginia with Titi and your cousin Zachary. You kids had a BLAST feeding the animals, running around the huge property, playing with all of Leslie's toys, and generally being complete goof balls.

2014-04-24_0007 2014-04-24_0008 2014-04-24_0009

After our sleepover at Leslie's we headed back to Titi's to play and get everything ready for Easter. We stayed the night there and, as usual, you woke up way too early. This meant iPad time until everyone else woke up. Hmm, no wonder you like waking up early!


You and Zachary were SO excited to get a very special Facetime call from Nana and Grandpa Ed! They were on a boat in Paris and we could see the Eiffel Tower in the background. You're obsessed with Madeline lately so that part was especially cool.

I apparently got tired of taking pictures at this point, so you'll have to take my word for it that you had an awesome Easter, filled with family, fun, and lots of yummy food. More importantly, we had SUCH a fun Spring Break! I loved having so much time to hang out with you and can't wait for our next day off together.


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