\Letters to my Children\ May

I’m continuing my “Letters” project this year with a group of my very dearest photography friends. Each month I’ll write a letter to one of my babies.  This month it’s Jonah’s turn… MySweetJonah

We went to the cabin for Memorial Day weekend and, considering the last time you were there you were in bronchiolitis/teething misery, it's safe to say you had a much better cabin trip this time. It was your first tenting experience, and you weren't thrilled with that part. It was a wee bit cold at night and not even double PJs and your fancy sleeping bag sleep sack seemed to keep you warm enough. Bad mama.


Okay, so other than freezing your cute little tushie off, you had a great time. You had lots of hang time with Daddy, got to crawl around next to the pond, and had lots of fun goofing around with your Uncle Dave.



Before I know it you'll be chasing after the older kids, casting your own fishing pole, and swimming in the dam no matter how ridiculously cold the stream is... so I'm trying to savor this time when you still want to be close to me, hanging in the Ergo, or smiling up at me from your blue blanket.


When Monday morning rolled around, you were ready to hit the road. Exhausted from a great weekend, you fell asleep before we even got in the car.


Sweet dreams of many years of happy cabin weekends to come, my beautiful boy.


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