/Letters to My Children 2015/ December

Dear Emma and Jonah,

It's the last day of December AND the last day of 2015! We capped off the year with an awesome holiday season filled with all things Christmas... lots of yummy treats, Christmas light peeping, fun new toys, and a bit of giving to those in need.

The best day of the month was, as always, Christmas Eve. It's become such a sacred day in our little family... just the 4 of us and traditions galore.

Breakfast donuts were followed by Duckpin Bowling, where I had a blast watching Daddy's faces as Jonah dropped ball after ball onto the lane. THUD! (Cringe.)

I kind of got engrossed in the day after that and forgot to take pictures, which I 100% don't regret. But we had our usual awesome dinner of white bean tuscan soup and santa-boli, followed by Christmas books and driving around to look at Christmas lights, and all was wonderful.

Christmas morning was pretty darn perfect. Being a little kid at Christmas is awesome, but I assure you being the parent of a little kid is EVEN BETTER.

We spent the rest of the day at Nana and Grandpa Ed's, hanging with family and enjoying the chaos, er, magic. All in all, another fantastic day/month/season/life with my two favorite kiddos.

I love you to pieces and pieces,


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