Weekend Update | Vol. 1

New year, new project! Every Monday in 2016 I'll be posting an update from our weekend with photos, tidbits, and quotes. My goal is to document our life from week to week with authenticity and humor, and I'm so so excited to kick things off with Volume 1. So without further adieu...

LIFE... The big news of the weekend: our new nephew, Ethan! I'm on my way to see him this morning and am so. freaking. excited. How many times can I smell his head before it starts to get awkward? 

ALLIE... Decided my three goals for the year would be filling my walls with photos, making twin size quilts for each of the kids, and evicting the mama flab. Goal one is off to a smashing success, and I'm Pinning a lot about the other two. You know, baby steps.

JARED... Finally finished his basement bar (a pretty darn nice coffin keezer) and is happy as a clam to have Flying Dog on tap.

EMMA... Do NOT ask her to get her shoes or coat on. Or to change out of her PJs. I'm serious guys. It's apparently the worst thing you could ever ask another human being to do and full body flailing with promises of never getting dressed ever ever again will ensue. Otherwise, she's awesome, creative, happy, hilarious, and all around wonderful. 

JONAH... Big on asking "Why?", not big on accepting the answer. Big on snacks, not big on meals. Must do everything himself. Ready to be potty trained, Jared and I are still trying to psych ourselves up for Round 2 of that whole business.



"A mummy is a person that's wrapped up in toilet paper." - Emma

"Meyee Kissmiss, Mama." - Jonah nightly as he apparently now thinks that's what we say instead of goodnight

"We didn't even kill the Doritos." - Jared lamenting our NYE performance

"All the birds in your life flew to south." - Emma