Weekend Update | Vol. 2

LIFE... So croup kind of sucks. The humidifier has been working overtime this week but our poor Jo is finally on the mend. We had to postpone the kids' visit to meet their new cousin, so we made it up to them by taking them to the Maryland Science Center. Big Bird on a planetarium screen is kind of strangely wonderful.

ALLIE... Having a grand time day dreaming not about how we're going to spend our Powerball winnings, but about how we're going to maintain normalcy and humility once we're obscenely wealthy. Don't get me wrong, there will be some nice camera gear purchases. And I'm absolutely getting weekly shipments of Salt & Straw. I'm just saying, I won't let the money go to my head.

JARED... Finally got to see The Revenant. Will now be rooting for The Revenant at every awards show I force him to watch.

EMMA... Has insisted on playing "Arctic Explorers" and nothing else after our visit to the Maryland Science Center. I have to keep watch over the stuffed penguins and when they ultimately get injured by passing Orca whales or leopard seals she comes to stitch them up. I don't know why she keeps letting me watch the penguins.

JONAH... I slept on the floor in his room the night croup hit and woke up to him holding my hand through the crib rails. It's heartbreaking to watch him be so sick, but dang if he isn't the sweetest little sickling that ever was.



"I hate so many people. But I'm pulling for Leo." - Jared

"You're like a Ninja Turtle!" - Emma to me. (This was not meant as a compliment.)

Allie: I gotta dry your tushy.
Jonah: Why?
Allie: So you don't get a rash.
Jonah: Why?
Allie: Because rashes hurt.
Jonah: Why?
Allie: No more questions!
Jonah: Why?

"She normally looks very attractive, but something about her eyes looks like she's been smoking a lot of pot. She looks TURNT, perhaps." - Jared feeling proud of himself for using new to him slang while critiquing Golden Globes style