link love - 3.18.11

Here are my favorites from the blogosphere this week:

  • Marshmallow Bunny Plushies from Dandelions and Lace - I've mentioned my intense love of marshmallows before, so it should come as no surprise that Easter is a particularly excellent season for my taste buds.  People either love or hate Peeps, and I fall firmly in the love column.  My mom made us a Peep cake every Easter - yellow cake, Fluffy White icing, coconut dyed with green food coloring to look like grass, and a little Easter-scape on top with Peeps and jelly beans - and I plan to carry on the tradition with my own kiddos.  Anyway, when I saw this insanely cute tutorial my Peep-loving heart went all a-flutter.  Seriously, how cute are these?  They're like the Peeps that keep on - uhh - peeping?  Yeah, I don't know.  But I know they're awesome and I can't wait to add one to our little girl's Easter basket next year.

  • S'more Bites from Fix Me a Snack - Hmm, I'm noticing a theme here.  Yep, definitely pregnant!  These little balls of goodness caught my eye not only because they have marshmallow centers (okay, mostly because they have marshmallow centers) but because the ingredients seem, well, kinda healthy.  Almond butter?  Wheat germ?  Is this lady crazy?  She may be crazy, but that's just enough healthy stuff to allow me to justify making these this weekend.  And then eat all 20 of them in one sitting.  Okay, maybe just 18.  Jared can have a couple, too.

  • Fundraiser for Japan by Oh, Fransson! - I wanted to post this one in case you're thinking about donating to the Red Cross to help with the Japan relief effort.  I've always loved Oh, Fransson!'s Tokyo Subway Map quilt, and now she's giving it away to one lucky and charitable reader.  If you like this quilt, too, please consider donating for a chance to win.  Great cause, great quilt, everybody wins.