link love - 9.16.11

I survived my first week back at work! Well, it was just a half week - but still. It was heartbreaking saying goodbye to Emma that first day back, but she's doing really well at daycare and I'm enjoying being back at work. Hopefully Hoda and Kathie Lee are getting along okay without me. I will miss their crazy antics, and the brain cells I lost watching their show. Here are a few things that I fell in love with this week...

  • Dear Photograph - This blog is pure genius. I'm obsessed. The photos and notes are often filled with this tender, nostalgic love that sucks me right in, and after each entry I find myself longing to know more.

  • Cinnamon Crescent Rolls on For the Love of Cooking - There's no way these don't taste good, right? SO simple, too. When I can eat dairy again (had to cut it out completely because Emma is super sensitive to it... very unfortunate... writing a post about it soon) I'm definitely going to make these for breakfast. Or dessert. Or both.
  • Fifteen Minutes of Cleaning a Day to Fake an Immaculate House on Organizing Made Fun - I'll start by saying I'm very skeptical about this, but I'm willing to give it a try. I grew up in an immaculate house... my mother is one of those crazy "leave no trace" types of people - her house has no clutter, no dust, nary a cushion or picture frame askew. She comes to visit for a week and it's like she was never here. Even her car is immaculate. It took me about 3 days of owning a house to realize I'm never going to be that kind of person. If for no other reason than that we have a dog who sheds. A lot. (We had a dog growing up, but he was 8 lbs and, of course, didn't shed.) Keeping up with the dog hair is nearly impossible, much less the rest of the house. But now that we have a little one I'm determined to get the house consistently clean. Or at least consistently clean-ish. It would be really nice to have all the cleaning done during the week so that when the weekend rolls around we can spend it doing fun stuff. Can it be done? Sure. Will it be done? Perhaps. I'll keep you posted. :-)