make it work!

We're more than halfway through Season 9 of Project Runway, and I have to say I'm a little underwhelmed by the designers this season. Well, really I'm underwhelmed by the designs... I think the potential is there with several of the designers but they're too inconsistent (yes, Anthony Ryan - this means you.) If I had to choose a favorite right now I'd say Viktor... his designs are both gorgeous and wearable. Case in point:


I also love Anya's creativity, but her designs aren't really my style. I could easily see her winning the whole thing. I think the dark horse this season is Kimberly... she's floated under the radar a bit because she's been pretty drama-free, but I'm keeping my eye on her. And then there's Bert. Ohhh, Bert. He's the kind of reality show participant that I always hope isn't as awful in real life as they edit him to seem. I go back and forth between hating him and feeling bad for him.

My favorite moment of the season so far wasn't actually on the show, but rather from my husband - who, after getting sucked into watching with me last Thursday, saw Bryce's hot pink mess walking down the runway and shouted, "That fit is awful!" (If you've never met my meat-and-potatoes, football obsessed husband, you probably don't get why this is so funny. But, trust me... it was fantastic.)

So who are you pulling for???