Weekend Update | Vol. 12

LIFE... Kicked off Spring Break by crossing 2 things off our Winter Adventure list - visits to the Maryland Science Center and the Original Playhouse. All in all, a great little weekend.

ALLIE... My apologies if your bracket was busted by my beloved Spartans. Not sure what happened there, but daaaang.

JARED... Considering how much he's been busting his butt at work lately, he's pretty darn elated to have a three day weekend this weekend. I'll be sad to have to work while he's playing with the kids on Monday, but I'm so glad he'll get some much needed solo time with them.

EMMA... Gave Jared the grossest wet willy of all time last night - bean soup finger right in his ear. It was amazing. For everyone except Jared.

JONAH... Take two with his big boy bed commenced Saturday. Considering this project is the biggest jinx ever, I'll just say it's going well and leave it at that. ;)



Emma (trying her first hard boiled egg): This smells really bad, but tastes really good.
Allie: Jonah, what's your cat's name?
Jonah: Squirrel.

Allie: I can finish this upstairs if you want to go up. You look tired. Or... did you want to finish this Dinner at Tiffani's?
Jared: I kind of want to see where this goes. I'm invested.