Weekend Update | Vol. 11

LIFE... The kids were up at 7:30, Jonah took his nap, and they were down before 8pm. Most successful Daylight Savings yet!

ALLIE... Victory for MSU! I'm not a huge sports person, but I so love rooting for my Spartans - especially during March Madness.

JARED... Has fully embraced Spartan basketball and I LOVE it. 

EMMA... Remember when I said she was craving more mama time? Yyyyeah, turns out she was being so needy because she was in a huge amount of pain. My poor girl was suffering from something called Toxic Synovitis, which sounds a lot worse than it is. It's this totally random thing than can happen to kids a few weeks after they get a viral infection and causes a ton of hip pain and inflammation. Thankfully it clears up pretty quickly with ibuprofen, but things were rough for a couple days there. She ended up getting that one-on-one mama time after all, and is now 100% recovered. Whew.

JONAH... Has become a singing machine lately. He doesn't always get the words right, but what he lacks in accuracy and tone he more than makes up for with enthusiasm (and volume).



Jared: I'm trying to get on board with the mayonnaise.

Emma: No. 
Allie: Excuse me??
Emma: Gnome. I said gnome.

Jonah (cheering for MSU): Go Skate!!