Weekend Update | Vol. 10

LIFE... It was an up and down weekend. Up in the sense that our kids are awesome and life is generally pretty darn good. Down in the sense that our kids are little bundles of insanity and we've begun to question our entire approach to parenting.

ALLIE... I cleaned out my closet, which felt amazing. I hadn't done a good cleanout since before we had kids and ended up getting rid of at least half of my clothes. I couldn't go full KonMari on it because if I only kept clothes that truly brought me joy I'd have like 4 things in my closet, but it's a start. I also learned that wedding knuckle tattoos are a real thing people actually get. So there ya go.

JARED... Made homemade Reese's bars, had friends over for beer and poker, and got to watch the Phillies. Jared had a good weekend.

EMMA... Really craving some special one-on-one time with her mama. Any suggestions for great mommy daughter dates welcome, as well as how to make sure the other child doesn't feel left out.

JONAH... Has started calling his humidifier his "fire" and it's ridiculously cute (in the way only parents of toddlers can appreciate.)



Jared: What is this game she wants you to play?
Allie: They're pets and I'm supposed to buy them at the shelter. Emma is a cat and Jonah is a dog, but they get along. Then I have to take them to the vet before we go home. And I'm also the vet. 
Jared: (completely unhelpful laughter)

Emma: I wish our house was taller. And more like a cake. And the whole family could sleep in the attic.

Jared: This looks like those electronica guys who never show their faces.
Allie: What does?
Jared: This blob of peanut butter.
Allie: ...