Weekend Update | Vol. 9

LIFE... Yyyyyyeah, this series is apparently the biggest jinx ever. After a great first week, a potty training regression with Jonah meant we stayed close to home this weekend trying to help him get back on track. But the weather was great, so we've got that going for us, which is nice.

ALLIE... Found a great new therapist this week, which is a big relief. I had been putting it off since my insurance changed last year, but 5 minutes into the appointment I remembered why I love therapy. An unbiased 3rd party who I can bounce my thoughts and problems off of with the goal of helping me be a better person? Yes please. (Also, people should talk about therapy more often. At least half of my friends see a therapist and it's kind of wonderful.)

JARED... Stoked that he made it home in time for dinner more often than not this week. Progress!

EMMA... The American Girl obsession continues to grow. The latest catalog came this week and she pored over it so much that I took pity on her and let her play with my 30 year old Molly doll. Cross what you've got that Olly Molly will survive until June when Emma gets the new Girl of the Year doll for her birthday (thanks Nana!)

JONAH... Kinda over this whole potty business, but he's sticking with it bless his heart. He's getting lots of extra snuggles and lovin' to ease the stress. 



Emma: Remember when it said "Boo Boo Butt"? I can't stop laughing. If you read that book again I'm going to have the hiccups!

Emma (talking about reincarnation): What if you come back as a bee and you sting me?
Allie: I could never sting you. I'd make you lots of honey so your life would always be sweet.
Emma: I don't like honey. It's too spicy.