Weekend Update | Vol. 8

LIFE... Every time we spend a day in Baltimore I start to feel a little more like Maryland is home, and Saturday was no exception. Perfect weather, a day at the zoo with friends, and lunch at Kislings was the perfect way to start shaking off these winter blues. 

ALLIE... Feeling the urge to purge and hoping I can find some time to actually do it. KonMari, I'm coming for ya! 

JARED... Took Emma on their first Daddy/Daughter date. They went to a fancy restaurant where Emma became obsessed with a trophy in the bathroom that was shaped like a pinecone. She went to the bathroom 4 times during their hour long dinner. The last time she admitted she just wanted to see the trophy. Afterward she said it was the best daddy/daughter date EVER.

EMMA... Already planning her 5th birthday party and stressing about starting Kindergarten at a new school in the Fall. Gotta get this girl to live in the now. Or at least, you know, in the current month.

JONAH... Potty training champ! Seriously so impressed with how great this kid is doing. I was nervous about how he'd do at school, but he did even better at school than he'd been doing at home. AND considering he'd never gone on a public potty, he didn't have a single accident on Saturday despite us being gone all day. (I'm sure now that I've typed this he'll have a major regression, so knock on all the wood.) 



Emma: How did Jonah get out of Mama's tummy?
Jared: ...

Emma: Stop taking them pictures of me and COLOR!

Allie: I just can't parent anymore today.