Weekend Update | Vol. 7

LIFE... Potty training + back to back concerts (Langhorne Slim and The Devil Makes Three). I'm not sure I've been this exhausted since we tried (and failed) to switch Jonah to a big boy bed. All totally worth it, but now I need a weekend from my weekend! Thank goodness Jared's parents were here to help us out.

ALLIE... Nothing better for the soul than some live music, and I've been desperately in need of a recharge - especially of the Langhorne variety. AND I did my very last load of cloth diapers. Dang that felt good.

JARED... Worked until 10pm on his birthday, and has decided he's too old to deal with wasted college kids at shows. 37 can only go up from here!

EMMA... We sure lucked out with this one in the big sister department. Jonah will refuse an hour of our potty prompts, and Emma just takes him by the hand and says "let's go together, kushy baby!" (That's what she calls him.) She sits on the big potty, he sits on the little potty, she helps him with his pants and makes sure he washes his hands. She's going to make an awesome mama someday (a very very very very very very very long time from now.)

JONAH... Potty training is underway! He's doing pretty awesome so far, all things considered. It's crazy to see him becoming this little boy right in front of our eyes. Thank goodness he still loves his snuggles or I'd be a puddle of tears right now.



Allie to Jonah: Okay, daddy will sit with you.
Emma: Yeah, daddy knows A LOT about pooping.

Emma: I love you.
Allie: Aw, thanks buddy.
Emma: I was talking to the squirrel.