Weekend Update | Vol. 6

LIFE... Jared was at the cabin with his friends for a few days, so it was just me and the kids this weekend. My sister and her boys came to visit on Saturday, and seeing my kids with their baby cousin was almost enough to make me want #3. Aaaaaalmost.

ALLIE... Let Emma talk me into making Valentines for her and Jonah's classes this year. Because why spend $10 on store bought Valentines when you can spend $30 on the supplies to make them? That's my motto, anyway. ;)

JARED... Had a great weekend with his friends. Just the guys, no kids, no wives, celebrating the last days of being 36. Not too shabby.

EMMA... Yyyyyeah, definitely jinxed her by saying last week she was coming out of a rough phase. A crap week at school ended on a high note and her hard emotional work was rewarded with us starting her first chapter book together. Gotta love a kid who sees books as rewards. 

JONAH... I'll admit I was a bit wary when he asked to hold his baby cousin, but for a kid who's always been a bit of a bull in a china shop, I was in awe of how gentle and nurturing he was with Ethan. I have a feeling those two are going to be good friends growing up.



Emma (singing): Put a bean bag on your head / back to the 1950s / when they had a medicine man / who helped them feel better

Kathryn: You need 10 hands... 5 for Jonah, 2 for Emma, and 3 for everything else.

Allie: Do you need a safe space to calm down for a bit? It's not okay to kick the furniture.
Emma: (toot)