Weekend Update | Vol. 5

LIFE... This weekend was all about celebrating family, from the oldest to the youngest. We drove up to PA on Saturday for Jared's grandmother's 90th birthday. We got to see so much of our extended family that we don't get to see nearly enough, and the kids had a blast. And on Sunday I finally got to take my nephew's newborn pictures. Spending time with a teeny tiny baby that I don't have to feed and change and stay up with all night is kind of the best.

ALLIE... I'm head over heels obsessed with quilting and sewing again. I have way too many ideas in my head and not nearly enough time to make them all. Pinterest problems strike again.

JARED... Wants to be a Barnwood Builder. Or have a cabin built by the Barnwood Builders. Or just watch a lot of Barnwood Builders.

EMMA... Knock on ALL the wood, but we *might* be moving out of her latest rough phase. All of a sudden this week she started throwing way less 'tude our way and... what's that word... listening! It's kind of amazing and I really really hope it's not a fluke. 

JONAH... Figured out how to put his pants on by himself. He's very VERY proud of this accomplishment.



Jared: Huh... haven't seen an urgent care in a Sheetz before.

Emma: Dada, there's like googleplex houses.

Allie: If anyone ever wanted to capture and torture me, this song would be a real quick way to get info out of me. (Mairzy doats, guys. Mairzy. Effing. Doats.)

Emma to me and Jared about Jonah: I'm glad you guys made him.

Grandma Shellaway: Can you believe Mariah Carey is engaged? And Miley and Liam are back together. Both men are Australians. They must like 'em crazy down there.