Weekend Update | Vol. 4

LIFE... Snow, snow, and more snow. Like, SO MUCH SNOW. We managed to dig out by Sunday afternoon but there are snow banks taller than Jared in our front yard. We're taking bets on when the last of this snow will melt. I'm guessing March.

ALLIE... Nothing like two days of shoveling to remind me that I haven't worked out in 5 years. I should probably do something about that. Just not today. Mama's sore today. So so sore.

JARED... Total beast when it comes to shoveling. He was working so hard that when he stopped to take breaks there was steam coming off of him. Literally my McSteamy.

EMMA... Was over the snow about 5 minutes after we first went outside, but once it finally stopped falling and she had huge mountains to climb she was happy as a clam. 

JONAH... Big fan of apres snow drinks, not a big fan of trying to trudge through snow as tall as he is. Next year, buddy. Next year.



Jonah: No sticky O's!!
Allie: You don't have to have sticky O's. What DO you want?
Jonah: Sticky O's!!

Emma: What a blizzard!

Allie: Maybe someday we'll watch a David O' Russell movie that lives up to the hype. Today was not that day.

Emma: Uggghhhh. I wish this was NOT a blizzard.

Jared: Suck it, Tom Brady. Go home and cry yourself to sleep tonight with your supermodel wife and your pillow made of money. (It should be noted that he SANG this.)

Emma: Knock, knock.
Jared: Who's there?
Emma: Cowboy.
Jared: Cowboy who?
Emma: Cowboy says he has a pickle on his face!