Weekend Update | Vol. 14

LIFE... It was a two birthday party weekend, which didn't leave much time (or energy) for much else. But after all the Spring Break craziness, it was nice to throw a little boredom into the mix during the downtime.

ALLIE... Well, I did it. I finally weaned Jonah, which means after 5 and a half years straight of being pregnant and/or nursing, I'm officially hanging it up. Pretty crazy. I had absolutely no intention of nursing Jonah for 30 months... like most working moms, I was just hoping to make it to a year. But the kid just never lost interest. And I knew he'd be my last so I didn't push it. But it was time. And it went over a lot better than I thought it would. Bittersweet, of course, but now I have extra time in the morning to workout so, you know, I should probably do that.

JARED... Got to have good one-on-one time with each kid this weekend, and especially loved doing science experiments with Emma in the kitchen. He also got the birthday party with the Wegman's cake, which I was quite jealous about.

EMMA... It's so funny to watch this girl at a birthday party. The first 30 minutes she's full speed crazy, then she crashes, and comes to in time for pizza and cake. It's a tough life. 

JONAH... Still waking up too early, still not napping in his bed, BUT he's still our hilarious little guy and handled the whole weaning thing so much better than I anticipated, so we're letting it slide. For now. 



Jonah: I like you, Mommy.
Jared: I want McCarthy to sing Dust in the Wind at my funeral.

Jonah (on Sunday night): It's the weekend!
Allie: Sorry, little man... tomorrow's Monday already.
Jonah: Why?
Allie: Because it's a cruel, cruel world.
Emma: It sure is, buddy.

Jared indulged me while I took new headshots for him. Love this handsome guy! <3

Jared indulged me while I took new headshots for him. Love this handsome guy! <3